New Direction

I wanted to let you know that this will be the last post on Church Video Reviews that I will do.  I have found that there are plenty of other resources and blogs now available that focus on this topic.  I am happy to pass them along to you through the links below.

In the mean time, I will be focusing my efforts on my other blog Outside The Box Ministry.  Please jump on over to it and subscribe to it here.

Collide Magazine
Christian Video Magazine

The Veracity Project
Igniter Media Group
Floodgate Productions
Beamer Films
Highway Video
Steelehouse Productions

Also, if you are looking to connect with like minded visual story tellers that are making an impact around the world, be sure to check out the Visual Story Network.  VSN is is a coalition of missional and creative Christians. Together they seek to fuel a global movement of visual story for the kingdom of God so every person on earth can experience life-change through Jesus.  Click here for more information.

Short Films Telling True Stories of An Active God

I recently discovered a new exciting endeavor from the team at Chronicle Project called Deidox.  Deidox are true stories of how everyday people are being used by God in the world today.  The vision behind Deidox “is to not only challenge and inspire people with the stories told, but to also highlight and support organizations that are demonstrating God’s love on a daily basis.”

Currently available are two films about Lindsy and Robert.  These two films dive you right in the middle of their lives where you first hand see how they are impacting the lives of the people and the community around them.  The quality of the production and process that Dave and Brent (the team behind of Deidox) take to tell each story is top notch.

They have made these films available in various formats and at various prices.  They even offer a “pay what you want” for a low-res version.  Also, a dollar of each sale goes back to the ministry that the film is about.

These films can be used in various settings; either a large group or small group setting.  The films also give you a great opportunity to springboard into sharing your own personal story.

Below is the trailer for the film “Lindsay”.  To find out more about Deidox and to download the films visit their website at

Deidox | Lindsay : Trailer from Deidox on Vimeo.

Echo Church Media Conference

There is a cool new conference just around the corner.  It is the Echo Church Media Conference.  You may already know about it.  If not, it will be August 14-16 at Watermark Community Church in Dallas, Texas.  Echo is brought to you by the team at Igniter Media, Worshiphouse Media and Collide Magazine.  You can find out more about the pre-conference labs, breakout session and register at their website.   I will be there.

Updated Top Video Downloads Page

Last month I provided several links to the top sermon and church video downloads.  I have updated that section and you can access it through one link now at  Be sure to bookmark this page.  It will be updated on a regular basis.  You will find the top sermon and church video downloads from Sermon Spice, Worship House Media, Grove Films and Faith Visuals.

“JESUS” film Anime Version

I want to let you know about a very cool project that is in the works by The JESUS Film Project.  One of my co-workers is heading up this project.  It is an Anmie version based on the original film.  There will be a series of short films that will be created and utilize some of the dialog tracks that have been recorded.

The JESUS Film Project is a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ.  Back in 1979 the movie “JESUS” was released in movie theaters nationwide.  It was originally distributed by Warner Brothers.  Since then “JESUS” has been seen in every country of the world and translated into 1026 languages.  It also has been viewed over 6 Billion times (multiple viewings by some) and over 221 Million people have indicated decisions for Christ  (official stats).

The best animation style is still being tested.  It will most likely be done in anmie style done by artists from Asia.  You can view the concept video below.  Also, please take time to give us feedback at

Visual Media Trends

With the research in visual media trends it was hard to pinpoint a trend that has continued for a long period of time. However, with the increasing development, availability and cost effectiveness of technology most of the current trends reflect a more common global use of portable, internet enabled devices. The key categories for visual media trends include the youth culture, social media, user generated content and more personal choice for media content.

The biggest consumers of media today are youth. Youth in the U.S. age 12-17 increased their television viewing by 3% in a year (eg. Nielson 2006). Across cultures youth are using visual media to interact, teach and share their experiences with each other.

The most growth over the last few years in media trends has been in the area of relational social media. Social media is any communications format where the users publish the content (eg. Most of this media is Internet and mobile device driven. Social media provides a new way to interact with others. These methods are becoming even more preferred over e-mail. More than 70% of Americans age 15-34 (eg. are using social networks online. The most trafficked social websites include Facebook and MySpace. This demographic is choosing text messaging on their cell phones and computers over live conversations. Also, there is new interest in what is called “virtual community” in which social networks are being created through the website Second Life.

User generated media content has grown in popularity. The idea was first made popular by YouTube, which gave the ability for someone to upload “home made” videos to the website for the whole world to view. YouTube became the 5th most popular website in 2006 with over 100 million video viewed daily on the website (eg. The major television networks and major companies have created advertising campaigns centered around user generated videos. New websites like are hosting network and cable television shows that you can watch on your computer and through various widgets users can interact with their friends about the show they are watching.

Christian’s use of media continues to grow. According to Barna Research there are a greater number of Christian adults that are experiencing through media than through a local church. Two out of three adults used a least one form of religious media- radio, television or books in the last month. Were as six out of ten American adults attended a church service in the last month (eg. Christian parents over the Christmas season purchased media products like CDs, DVDs and video games for their children under thirteen even though they didn’t feel comfortable with their purchase. The Christians in the United States were likely to spend up to $1 billion on these products despite their concern over the moral content for children under 18. Also, Christian television continues to draw interest by viewers and today one out of every six adults are spending time on faith-based websites. There is more interest by the younger generation and certain groups of people in these types of websites over watching faith-based television or listening to Christian radio. (eg.