New Film “Vinyl”

1.  Why does he care so much about this one record?
2.  Why does losing something or being lost cause such a feeling of panic?
3.  What have you lost that would cause you to throw a party if you got it back?
4.  What do you think this film was about?
5.  If you were to ask God what He has lost that would cause Him to throw a party if He got it back, what would He say?

If you would like to download this film click here.

Using Mini-Movies To Start A Spiritual Conversation

I’ve seen firsthand a ministry strategy with incredible results that helps you, your friends, ministry or church springboard easily into a spiritual conversation with someone.   There are many different approaches to starting a spiritual conversation:  a survey, questionnaire, a tract, etc.  Many times these approaches don’t allow you to make a connection with an individual you’re meeting for the first time.  Intentional or random evangelism may not be comfortable for some.

People love stories and films.  These mediums connect to the heart of an individual and in a moments time they are drawn in emotionally.  Depending on the plot of the film they may connect with the characters and the story personally.  Using a short film or mini-movie enables you to have a more natural and relational approach to starting a spiritual conversation with somone.

There are several different ways that you can do this.  In the next few posts I will go into more details about what I have seen to work and where you can find short films and mini-movies that work well with this creative ministry strategy.

Short Film DVD For Your Church

Are you a media pastor/director or in charge of outreach at your church?  If so, here is an opportunity to try a new ministry strategy with your church using short films.  I have ten short film DVDs available for FREE to the first ten media pastor/director or church outreach director that contacts me.  Just send me an e-mail with your address through the contact form at  I will get a DVD sent out to you with more information.  You can find out more about the DVD at

Update:  Thanks to everyone who responded.  All 10 DVDs have been sponken for.  I will let you know when another opportunity is available.

Unthinkable: The Scott Rigsby Story

Unthinkable: The Scott Rigsby Story

Scott Rigsby is the first double-amputee to complete the Hawaiian Ironman triathlon in Kona, Hawaii last October, 2007.  Scott’s amazing story of faith, perseverance, and triumph will inspire church audiences across the world.  Filmed by, the media ministry of The Grove Center for the Arts & Media based in San Clemente, California, Unthinkable will challenge Christians to do the unthinkable for God.  This six minute short film can be seen and is available for digital download at  Grovfilms also offers 5 other inspirational clips by Scott on these themes: depression, walking with God, forgiveness, and steps to doing the unthinkable.

Not only will Christians be inspired by Scott’s story, churches can participate in the six-week small group bible study called The Unthinkable Experience.  The Unthinkable Experience is a perfect outreach opportunity for churches to challenge their members to “Do the Unthinkable.”  The Unthinkable Experience comes complete with a color, coiled bound study guide, small group leaders instruction, a bulletin insert and bulletin announcement for churches to explain the Unthinkable campaign.  Participants will spend six weeks studying the life of the Apostle Paul as they pray for God to show them how to do the unthinkable in their lives, families, communities and world.

To interview Scott Rigsby and to find out more about The Unthinkable Experience, please contact Joey O’Connor at The Grove Center for the Arts & Media. 949-584-8868

Win an iPod from Modern Parables

Modern Parables is giving away an Apple iPod Nano 4GB loaded with all their movies. Find out more by clicking on the film below.

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Short Film Strategy Outreach

It has been some time since my last post.  I have been busy working on a very exciting outreach strategy that utilizes short films to start spiritual conversations.

As part of my ministry work with The JESUS Film Project (a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ) we have been testing the use of short films for outreach around the world over the last two years.  With the field test that we have done we have found what worked the best in one-on-one, small group and large group settings.  As a result, we have produced a DVD with 11 short films that will soon be available to purchase.  My team lead a seminar a few weeks ago at the National Outreach Convention in San Diego sharing and showing how a church can use the short film DVD to reach their community.

I am excited about all the potential uses with the DVD tool.  Some churches are using it for church planting and established churches are using it to reach their community.  The DVD is subtitled into 9 languages too.  To find out more about the Short Film Stategy visit the Global Short Film Network website.