Short Films Telling True Stories of An Active God

I recently discovered a new exciting endeavor from the team at Chronicle Project called Deidox.  Deidox are true stories of how everyday people are being used by God in the world today.  The vision behind Deidox “is to not only challenge and inspire people with the stories told, but to also highlight and support organizations that are demonstrating God’s love on a daily basis.”

Currently available are two films about Lindsy and Robert.  These two films dive you right in the middle of their lives where you first hand see how they are impacting the lives of the people and the community around them.  The quality of the production and process that Dave and Brent (the team behind of Deidox) take to tell each story is top notch.

They have made these films available in various formats and at various prices.  They even offer a “pay what you want” for a low-res version.  Also, a dollar of each sale goes back to the ministry that the film is about.

These films can be used in various settings; either a large group or small group setting.  The films also give you a great opportunity to springboard into sharing your own personal story.

Below is the trailer for the film “Lindsay”.  To find out more about Deidox and to download the films visit their website at

Deidox | Lindsay : Trailer from Deidox on Vimeo.

Using Mini-Movies To Start A Spiritual Conversation

I’ve seen firsthand a ministry strategy with incredible results that helps you, your friends, ministry or church springboard easily into a spiritual conversation with someone.   There are many different approaches to starting a spiritual conversation:  a survey, questionnaire, a tract, etc.  Many times these approaches don’t allow you to make a connection with an individual you’re meeting for the first time.  Intentional or random evangelism may not be comfortable for some.

People love stories and films.  These mediums connect to the heart of an individual and in a moments time they are drawn in emotionally.  Depending on the plot of the film they may connect with the characters and the story personally.  Using a short film or mini-movie enables you to have a more natural and relational approach to starting a spiritual conversation with somone.

There are several different ways that you can do this.  In the next few posts I will go into more details about what I have seen to work and where you can find short films and mini-movies that work well with this creative ministry strategy.