New Film “Vinyl”

1.  Why does he care so much about this one record?
2.  Why does losing something or being lost cause such a feeling of panic?
3.  What have you lost that would cause you to throw a party if you got it back?
4.  What do you think this film was about?
5.  If you were to ask God what He has lost that would cause Him to throw a party if He got it back, what would He say?

If you would like to download this film click here.

“JESUS” film Anime Version

I want to let you know about a very cool project that is in the works by The JESUS Film Project.  One of my co-workers is heading up this project.  It is an Anmie version based on the original film.  There will be a series of short films that will be created and utilize some of the dialog tracks that have been recorded.

The JESUS Film Project is a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ.  Back in 1979 the movie “JESUS” was released in movie theaters nationwide.  It was originally distributed by Warner Brothers.  Since then “JESUS” has been seen in every country of the world and translated into 1026 languages.  It also has been viewed over 6 Billion times (multiple viewings by some) and over 221 Million people have indicated decisions for Christ  (official stats).

The best animation style is still being tested.  It will most likely be done in anmie style done by artists from Asia.  You can view the concept video below.  Also, please take time to give us feedback at

“Fireproof” Coming Fall 2008

FIREPROOF is an action-packed love story that will have audiences laughing, crying, and on the edge of their seats as they are drawn into the world of a firefighter, his wife … and a marriage worth rescuing.  FIREPROOF is the third movie from Sherwood Pictures, the same moviemaking ministry that created FACING THE GIANTS AND FLYWHEEL. Read the latest news about FIREPROOF by clicking here.

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Evan Almighty Free Film Downloads

Sermon Spice is giving you access to free film clips, sermon illustrations, study guide for the film Evan Almighty.  Click here for more information.

Clips on Forgiveness From Spider-Man 3

There are several good scenes from Spider-Man 3 that can be used to illustrate a talk or sermon on forgiveness.  You can download these clips and more at

Damah Film Festival

The Damah Film Festival, the world’s leading spiritual short film festival, is just around the corner. It will be May 4-6, 2007 in Culver City, CA at the picturesque Culver Studios in Culver City, CA.

In addition to viewing short films created by filmmakers from across the globe, audience members will have the opportunity to participate in specially designed workshops led by some of the celebrity judges and attend parties after screenings.

On Friday and Saturday night starting at 7:30, Damah will open with 90 minute screenings of “The Best of the Fest” – films that have been nominated for awards this year.

The “Hollywood and Spirituality” seminar at 12pm on Saturday will address the question of what studios are doing with faith based and spiritual films. Are they only doing adaptations, or are they accepting original screenplays and pitches? If so, what are they looking for? Executives from Weinstein Brothers, Lionsgate, and Good News Holdings will hold court and discuss their current and future plans.

Directly after “Hollywood and Spirituality” on Saturday is the seminar “From Short to Feature” at 2pm which will host first time feature directors who were able to obtain funding and mount their first projects. How did they do it and what advice can they share?

Another popular workshop this year is expected to be “Inside Pitch”, a seminar in which Christopher Lockhart, Executive Story Editor at ICM, will allow audience members to pitch their film ideas to him. Mr. Lockhart has been working at ICM, a leading talent and literary agency in Los Angeles, for almost ten years. “Inside Pitch” will be held at 2pm on Sunday.

An all day training offered on Friday May 4th will be the “Filmmaker’s Boot Camp”. The camp will be covering story structure in film, what filmmakers need to know about their history, and a look at the future – specifically HD film making. Confirmed instructors include Dave Anderson from the Compass Arts Academy and Dr. Kim Walker from the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, CO.

“The festival as a whole is very practical,” said Executive Director John Bucher, “We not only want to provide high quality films for viewers to enjoy, we also want to help inspire and inform the next generation of filmmakers. The seminars offered will be practical and enriching. They will be valuable for a first-time filmmaker or a veteran seeking advice on how they might improve upon their skills.”

You can order your tickets and get more information about the screenings and schedule at