Media Complete Purchased by the Don Moen Company

Media Complete, the company behind the Media Shout presentaion software has been purchased by the Don Moen Company.  Don Moen is best known as a song writer and worship leader.  You can read more about this from their press release here.

Echo Church Media Conference Day 1 (cont.)

This post is a continuation of my updates from the Echo Church Media Conference.

Earlier today I attended a session on creating motion graphics in After Effects.  There are some great resources and links from this session on the Echo Media Conference website.  You can check them out here.

Echo is providing lunch and dinner each day of the conference.  You won’t get that from most conferences.  Way to go!  They have really done a great job in making everyone feel welcome and have given a lot of opportunities to connect with other media type people.

I am sitting right now in a session on editing using Final Cut.  Trent is going through step by step on how they created the Echo Church Media Conference teaser trailer.  You can watch it here.

Live Blogging from Echo Church Media Conference

Today is the first day of the Echo Church Media Conference in Dallas, TX.  I will be posting some updates throughout the conference.

They started out this morning with pre-conference labs.  I went to one about podcasting.  The team from gave a great overview on setting up a blog, creating a podcast and posting it to iTunes.  It was very informative and they gave a live demonstration using Garage Band, VID Blaster and

Echo Church Media Conference

There is a cool new conference just around the corner.  It is the Echo Church Media Conference.  You may already know about it.  If not, it will be August 14-16 at Watermark Community Church in Dallas, Texas.  Echo is brought to you by the team at Igniter Media, Worshiphouse Media and Collide Magazine.  You can find out more about the pre-conference labs, breakout session and register at their website.   I will be there.

Updated Top Video Downloads Page

Last month I provided several links to the top sermon and church video downloads.  I have updated that section and you can access it through one link now at  Be sure to bookmark this page.  It will be updated on a regular basis.  You will find the top sermon and church video downloads from Sermon Spice, Worship House Media, Grove Films and Faith Visuals.

Collide- Media Magazine Review

Collide MagazineJust last week I received in the mail the first issue of Collide magazine. If you haven’t heard of Collide, it was created “to inform, influence and inspire leaders in regard to using media to serve the church body and reach the world in which we live.” The topics that the writers cover vary from visual media, music, technology and the Internet.

The staff who puts together Collide brings a wealth of experience through their years of developing media content for Igniter Media Group and the retail side Worship House.

In this issue there is a good balance of inspiring articles, product reviews and interviews with visual media producers. I am looking forward to future issues. If you haven’t already done so, you can subscribe to Collide on their website.

Video Illustration Buying Guide

I am in the process of writing a guide that can be used by churches, ministries and others.  It would provide tips and ideas for purchasing video illustrations either by download or on DVD.  What thoughts, ideas or questions you would like answered should be included in the guide?  For those who provide feedback, I will e-mail you the guide once it is completed.

How to Make “Man on the Street” Videos

One of the simplest way to create a video is to shoot and edit a “Man on the street” video for your church service or ministry.  Check out the How to Make Good “Person on the Street” Videos” article over at Faith Visuals to get started now.

Faith Visuals Website is an online resource for preachers, teachers, and production teams. They offer videos, training, articles and more.  You can join in on the discussion in their online discussion forum.

Christian Film and Video Updates

If you would like to stay up-to-date on the latest information about Christian films coming to a theater near you or those being release on DVD, check out and subscribe to The Crown Chronicle.