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Media Complete Purchased by the Don Moen Company

Media Complete, the company behind the Media Shout presentaion software has been purchased by the Don Moen Company.  Don Moen is best known as a song writer and worship leader.  You can read more about this from their press release here.

TruthCasting- Audio/Video Hosting for Your Church

I wanted to share with you some great resources that I learned about while I was at the Echo Church Media Conference.  The first is TruthCasting.  TruthCasting is an audio, video and written hosting service for your church or ministry.  There are many great benefits to their service, but the best benefit to you is that there are no monthly or storage fees.

You are able to upload full audio, video and written resources at no ongoing cost to you.  The only cost is for the media relay to upload your content.  They are working on a software version of the relay.  So very soon there will be no costs for the TruthCasting service.

I was amazed how easy it is for a church to upload their content.  If you want to learn more about this great service check out their video presentation here.

Echo Church Media Conference Day 3

Today the Echo Church Media Conference wrapped up with a great talk from Kevin Steele of Steelehouse Productions.  He spoke on the importance of Christian artist to create work of the highest quality and to be a catalyst to other artist in the world.

Earlier in the day I attended Phil Cooke’s seminar on branding.  Based from his book Branding Faith, Phil gave an incredible amount of great information for churches and ministries to use as they identify themselves in their communities.

Overall Echo Church Media Conference was one of the best, well run, beneficial conferences I have been at in awhile.  Echo will have all the main speaker sessions and the breakout sessions available on DVD.  Be sure to check it out.

Echo Church Media Conference Day 1 (cont.)

This post is a continuation of my updates from the Echo Church Media Conference.

Earlier today I attended a session on creating motion graphics in After Effects.  There are some great resources and links from this session on the Echo Media Conference website.  You can check them out here.

Echo is providing lunch and dinner each day of the conference.  You won’t get that from most conferences.  Way to go!  They have really done a great job in making everyone feel welcome and have given a lot of opportunities to connect with other media type people.

I am sitting right now in a session on editing using Final Cut.  Trent is going through step by step on how they created the Echo Church Media Conference teaser trailer.  You can watch it here.

Live Blogging from Echo Church Media Conference

Today is the first day of the Echo Church Media Conference in Dallas, TX.  I will be posting some updates throughout the conference.

They started out this morning with pre-conference labs.  I went to one about podcasting.  The team from gave a great overview on setting up a blog, creating a podcast and posting it to iTunes.  It was very informative and they gave a live demonstration using Garage Band, VID Blaster and

Short Film DVD For Your Church

Are you a media pastor/director or in charge of outreach at your church?  If so, here is an opportunity to try a new ministry strategy with your church using short films.  I have ten short film DVDs available for FREE to the first ten media pastor/director or church outreach director that contacts me.  Just send me an e-mail with your address through the contact form at  I will get a DVD sent out to you with more information.  You can find out more about the DVD at

Update:  Thanks to everyone who responded.  All 10 DVDs have been sponken for.  I will let you know when another opportunity is available.