Archives for July 2008

Echo Church Media Conference

There is a cool new conference just around the corner.  It is the Echo Church Media Conference.  You may already know about it.  If not, it will be August 14-16 at Watermark Community Church in Dallas, Texas.  Echo is brought to you by the team at Igniter Media, Worshiphouse Media and Collide Magazine.  You can find out more about the pre-conference labs, breakout session and register at their website.   I will be there.

Updated Top Video Downloads Page

Last month I provided several links to the top sermon and church video downloads.  I have updated that section and you can access it through one link now at  Be sure to bookmark this page.  It will be updated on a regular basis.  You will find the top sermon and church video downloads from Sermon Spice, Worship House Media, Grove Films and Faith Visuals.

“JESUS” film Anime Version

I want to let you know about a very cool project that is in the works by The JESUS Film Project.  One of my co-workers is heading up this project.  It is an Anmie version based on the original film.  There will be a series of short films that will be created and utilize some of the dialog tracks that have been recorded.

The JESUS Film Project is a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ.  Back in 1979 the movie “JESUS” was released in movie theaters nationwide.  It was originally distributed by Warner Brothers.  Since then “JESUS” has been seen in every country of the world and translated into 1026 languages.  It also has been viewed over 6 Billion times (multiple viewings by some) and over 221 Million people have indicated decisions for Christ  (official stats).

The best animation style is still being tested.  It will most likely be done in anmie style done by artists from Asia.  You can view the concept video below.  Also, please take time to give us feedback at