Archives for September 2007

September’s Free Church and Sermon Videos

Here is the list of free church and sermon videos being offered this month.

Sermon Spice- Town Names Countdown
Worship House – Start is Near Countdown
Wing Clips- Surf’s Up-Chicken King
Floodgate- Various videos
Beamer Films- He Shall Be Called

Collide- Media Magazine Review

Collide MagazineJust last week I received in the mail the first issue of Collide magazine. If you haven’t heard of Collide, it was created “to inform, influence and inspire leaders in regard to using media to serve the church body and reach the world in which we live.” The topics that the writers cover vary from visual media, music, technology and the Internet.

The staff who puts together Collide brings a wealth of experience through their years of developing media content for Igniter Media Group and the retail side Worship House.

In this issue there is a good balance of inspiring articles, product reviews and interviews with visual media producers. I am looking forward to future issues. If you haven’t already done so, you can subscribe to Collide on their website.

5 Tips Before You Purchase A Video Illustration

Here are 5 tips to consider before you purchase a video illustration for your church or ministry.

  1. Terms and Conditions-  Be sure you understand all of the terms and conditions for using the video in your church or ministry.  Most of the videos that are available don’t come with broadcast rights and can only be used in one location.
  2. Discounts and Specials-  Many times the producers of the videos offer special deals and discounts for purchasing multiple videos or even offer a video for free each month.  You can find a list of church video producers and distributors on the Links page.
  3. Creating it Yourself-  It is very possible that you have some people in your church or ministry that are very capable in producing videos for you.  This takes a lot of preparation and advance planning.
  4. How Will They Respond-  Be sure that you place yourself in the shoes of those in your church or ministry to the type of video that you purchase and show.  It is impossible to please everyone.  Ask yourself, what response do I want my congregation or group to have to the video.
  5. Get Recommendations-  If you go to sites like Sermon Spice and Worship House Media you can read comments and reviews under each video.  This will give you an idea of what others think and the response that they have gotten using the video.  Also, consider posting a comment or review after you use a video.