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Easter Videos

Here are links to several content providers who are offering Easter videos:

Worship House Media
Sermon Spice

Hollywood Movie Clips For Your Sermon launches a new movie site where pastors can download Free Hollywood movie clips for their sermons. WingClips is capitalizing on the growing trend of multimedia in churches and the needs of pastors to become more visual and contemporary.

They offer a Free Subscription, where you can preview and download every clip without entering your credit card. A Premium Subscription is also available which offers higher resolution, multiple formats, and unlimited on-line tech support. There is no additional licensing required with either subscription.

WingClips also provides their subscribers with a wide variety of materials, from Christian documentaries to mainstream Hollywood films, from classic titles to theatrical releases, from comedies like “Nacho Libre” to dramas like “Amazing Grace.” They have a growing list of over 40 films and well over 100 movie clips, with more added every week.

“Our goal is not only to provide pastors and teachers with great movie illustrations, but also to help promote good, quality films,” says WingClips president Mitchell Irion.

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